Porta Portese flea market

Porta Portese is the market in Rome for excellence.

This lively place, typically Roman, has been a source of inspiration for directors, writers and singers.

The Porta Portese market was set up around 1945 as a new black purse seat held in Campo de 'Fiori. In this place, after the war, the true Romans could sell, buy and trade the most strange objects. Today, following the succession of generations of walkers, Moroccans, Indians and Chinese have joined together, making Porta Portese one of the most famous markets in Italy and Europe for its multi-ethnicity and for finding the most unthinkable items. In fact, it is said that at Porta Portese "you can find everything from pill to jumbo jet".


This is because, like all flea markets, this market offers all kinds of junk, book, antique, toy, disco, mobile, cosmetics and vintage postcards. It is possible to find from Indian silver, African-style leather dress, false brand shoes and clothing.

From Russian sellers with binoculars, batteries and laces, to the tireless Nigerians all in the middle of the market street as they do not have a bank of ownership. But there are also the Peruvians with their multicolored meshes, the Indians and the Turks with their silver, the Poles with the shoes, Bangladesh's sellers with incense and peacock feathers.


The Porta Portese is like this: before they call you, then they will scourge you. If you get angry they insult you, but then you become friends by exchanging two chats.

Certainly it is not a food market, but in spite of that there are also stalls where it is possible to buy roasted peanuts, fried donuts and Puglia taralli. In short, the list of things to be found is so vast that it could continue indefinitely. Like any market worthy of respect, you can bargain on the price of the merchandise, you can ask for discounts, you can touch everything without buying anything. The ambulances pull the passers through to their stalls, try to attract them with the talk and win them with sympathy, so even those who go to Porta Portese only for curiosity, return home with their hands full of envelopes.

The Sunday visit to Porta Portese is still a popular recreation loved by romans and tourists.


The market opens every Sunday at 6:00 in the morning until 2:00 pm and the best deals are at the opening or closing time of the market. At peak time there are many beggars and pickpockets, so you must always be on guard. Despite this, it is one of the most colorful and characteristic places where today's atmosphere is typical of ancient Rome.